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I have always had a passion for multi-media and the aspects of design. That enthusiasm motivated me to learn the craft by immersing myself in everything I could obtain related to the subject. Much of my knowledge and expertise has been gained from experience. Though much of my education has been self taught, I attended Illinois State University where I majored in Technology Education with an emphasis on Graphic Design.

While learning at ISU, I also worked full time as an Assistant Webmaster for Moosejaw Mountaineering Inc. from 2003 to 2008. As part of a small web team at Moosejaw, we improved productivity as well as incorporated a cutting edge design with product profiles and online merchant capabilities. I also performed maintenance and troubleshooting on the company website.

Moving forward I joined Digital Transfer Systems as Video Editor. After a brief time there I was promoted to Head Editor as well as Sales Lead. The company spun off Filmtransfer.com where I am instrumental in many roles as we build the new branch. I wear many hats, including but not limited to Marketing Associate, Web Designer, Video Editor, and Copy Writer.

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